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Stewart Gilchrist and the East London School of Yoga offer innovative and inspiring 40 hour, 60 hour, 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training courses. 

200 hours 

This course presents a foundation in yoga principles with a strong emphasis on a sound foundation of basic teaching principles. The adherents will be able to lead a vinyasa based hatha yoga class. 

Stewart Gilchrist leads the teacher training and is joined by highly experienced teachers in Sanskrit, Iyengar yoga, history, philosophy and anatomy such as Gabriella Burnel, Khaled Kendsi and Natasha Chawlaand. 

This training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, demonstrating that the course is of the highest standard. It is recommended that upon completion students should become a full member of Yoga Alliance Professionals UK

Practitioners are expected to have a minimum of 2 years of regular recognised yoga practice before they can be accepted onto a teacher training course. Trainees are expected to maintain a daily yoga practice during their training. 

To apply send a letter of application to East London School of Yoga, 101 Greenway Ave, London E17 3QL.  This should include all relevant experience and supporting information for the application to be considered. The letter should be handwritten.

Starts July 2020, one weekend per month for 10 months in Central London.
Full price: £3,600 (including £500 deposit).


Code of conduct

40 hours  | 60 hours | 500 hours

For more information about 40, 60 and 500 hours teacher training courses, please email info@eastlondonschoolofyoga.com.

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Radically Authentic Yoga Dharma! Yoga Morality in 2020

Sat 25th Apr 2020

“All genuine yoga is built on the firm foundations of an integral morality. It is impossible to be a good yogi or yogini without also being a morally mature individual. “
While the workshop incorporates the practical aspects of ashtanga yoga: yogasana, dhyana, pranayama and mantra, it also will focus on the foundations of yoga philosophy and how they relate to modern life.


Sun 27th Sep 2020

Join Stewart  as he returns to Nepal 27 September – 04 October  for an inspirational one week retreat in a stunning Tibetan Buddhist monastery. In a place where ancient yoga traditions are still alive, explore the practical aspects of Astanga yoga – asana, dhyana, pranayama and mantra – and how these can lead to the yogin becoming the Jivamukta: liberated in her lifetime. Going beyond name and form, transcending the three gunas, surpassing samadhi and separating mind, body and soul… Stewart combines an exquisite, energetic asana practice with in-depth exploration of philosophy that shows us that yoga is a path to liberation. His teachings will be complemented by visits/hikes to some of the great pilgrimage sites nearby, teachings from the monastery, morning meditation with the monks and plenty of time for quiet contemplation and connecting with the place and its people.


Updated class schedule during COVID19 pandemic:

Sunday 10am @ Indaba 
Monday 6pm @ Indaba 

Please check East London School of Yoga’s Facebook page for regular updates.

We are working on publishing online videos within the coming weeks. Stay tuned.




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About Stewart

Stewart Gilchrist is a senior registered yoga teacher known throughout London for his popular, innovative, authentic dynamic classes. He infuses his high energy and challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, as well as his unique charisma, politics and humour. His classes include an emphasis on breath, vinyasa and philosophy with strong physical adjustments. Stewart applies the original teachings of yoga to the modern world to create thought-provoking classes.

Having studied both Ashtanga and Jivamukti, Stewart’s spiritual journey led him to train all over the world with teachers who have had a profound effect on his unique style of teaching.

He offers his eternal gratitude to all his teachers: Sabel Thiam, Jennifer Dale, Hamish Hendry, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Swami Nirmalananda and K. Pattabhi Jois.


Ahimsa is the abstinence from injuring any being, at any time and in any manner and is imperative for practitioners of Patanjali’s Astanga (eight-limbed) yoga system. 

In a modern world in dire need of radical change, Stewart Gilchrist advocates for ahimsa as political activism. That’s why he supports various organisations and charities fighting to protect humans, non-human animals and the planet alike. All genuine yoga is built on the firm foundations of an integral morality.


Campaign Against Arms Trade
Peace Pledge Union
Corporate Watch
Hunt Saboteurs
League Against Cruel Sports
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Human Rights Watch
Animal Aid