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Stewart Gilchrist, Senior Registered Yoga Teacher and East London School of Yoga have been running innovative, inspiring and highly successful 40 hour, 60 hour, 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training courses for 5 years.




|| Certified Teacher Training

Stewart Gilchrist leads the Teacher Training and is joined by leading sanskrit teacher Gabriella Burnel and other well known, highly experienced teachers.

Modules include Yogasana, history and philosophy, introduction to sanskrit, anatomy and physiology and much more.

200 hours  | starts September 2019 | 10 month course – one weekend per month


Syllabus 200 hour TT

Documentation 200 hour TT


To apply for any of the above certified Teacher Training courses, or for further information please email us.

2020 Teacher Training

200 hours  | starts July 2020 | 10 month course – one weekend per month

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Yoga retreat 2020




Sat 14th Dec 2019

A WORKING KNOWLEDGE of the seven major psychoenergetic centres, CHAKRAS, are a FUNDAMENTAL NECESSITY of anyone professing to practice yoga today. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CHAKRAS IN RELATION TO THE ALIGNMENT OF ASANAS IS A CRITICAL AND OFTEN IGNORED ASPECT OF WORKING WITH THE ESOTERIC AND PHYSICAL ANATOMY. This workshop looks at the main aspects of these chakras and how they are to be considered within the context of a modern dynamic vinyasa asana practice. It will comprise of the four practical aspects of Astanga yoga: yogasana, dhyana, mantra and pranayama. All are welcome, although enthusiasm and some experience is a prerequisite!


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  • Albion Sutras

    Released to support Medecin Sans Frontieres in Aleppo and Mosul!!

    Listen and purchase on Bandcamp


  • Breathing: Stewart Gilchrist at TEDx London Business School

    Breathing: Stewart Gilchrist at TEDx London Business School

    Breathing: Stewart Gilchrist at TEDx London Business School

  • Art Project

    East London school of Yoga commission. Portraying a Saddhu – a religious ascetic, mendicant (monk) or any holy person in Hinduism and Jainism who has renounced the worldly life. The mural faces the incredibly peaceful Greenway natural reserve in Wood Street.

About Stewart

Stewart Gilchrist is known throughout London for his popular, innovative, authentic dynamic classes. He infuses his high energy and challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, as well as his unique charisma, politics and humour. His classes include an emphasis on breath, vinyasa and philosophy with strong physical adjustments. Stewart applies the original teachings of yoga to the modern world to create a thought-provoking class.

Having trained in astanga and as a Jivamukti teacher Stewart’s spiritual journey led him to train all over the world with teachers who have had a profound effect on his unique style of teaching.

He offers his eternal gratitude to all his teachers: Sabel Thaim, Jennifer Dale, Hamish, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Swami Niramalanda and Sri K Patthabi Jois.